Scarlet Underpants hates her name, well at least the underpants part,  she thinks it sounds silly. She a young girl, with an older sister called Maisie Daisie and a younger brother call J.J. She has no friends and is constantly teased about her name. After meeting a new friend in the treehouse at the bottom of her garden she soon finds happiness and comes to terms with her name and the meaning of it.

She also learns the meaning of true friendship how to deal with other children who are not nice and what happens to all those teeth the Tooth Fairy takes away.

This is a great book with a great story! My daughter and I cuddled up on the couch and read this this afternoon. She loved the name Scarlet Underpants and loved the beautifully illustrated pictures!

A wonderful story of acceptance, friendship and gratitude and of course the magical Tooth Fairy.

David SavageWhat's Good To Do

Scarlet Underpants Meets the Dragon is the second book in the Scarlet Underpants series about a girl who is teased about her name and has no friends. In the first story Scarlet met the Tooth Fairy and now she meets the Tooth Fairy’s friend, the sensitive, liquorice loving dragon.

In Scarlet Underpants Meets the Dragon, Scarlet visits her treehouse at the bottom of her garden to meet Penny Moneytree’s, aka the tooth fairy, friend Rarajaja the Dragon but causes upset by having a misconceived notion of what dragons should be like.

Overall, this book is well-written and teaches about friendship and not to judge others without even getting to know them. It has also been beautifully illustrated by Sevilay Akcay that complements the story perfectly.

This is a wonderful short story about true friendship that is perfect for a bedtime story that children will just adore. And with some of the newer words that would be introduced into a younger readers vocabulary these are highlighted and in a much larger font so that they stand out, encouraging the use of language and creating discussions on the meaning of the word.

So not only is it a great magical story with beautiful illustrations but it also has educational value as well as an excellent moral within the story.

E. Jones

Catherine Muir has created a beautifully original story which captures the imagination and certainly produces many giggles! The illustrations are gorgeous. What I like most about the book is the way the author highlights key new vocabulary for kids by occasionally enlarging the text of the words themselves in the middle of the sentences. This truly adds to the whimsy of the book as the words of the story themselves become part of the magic. Love it! Cannot recommend highly enough - already a firm favourite in this household!



I really enjoyed reading 'Scarlet Underpants meets the tooth fairy'. It's well written and interesting as well as amusing and fun. I think children can easily identify with the main character Scarlet and her BIG problem of being teased about her name. The book offers clever strategies that help children feel proud rather than ashamed about themselves. I also like that it can help open up a world of conversation with children on the very difficult topic of bullying.



I came across this book by chance and have given it to friends' children, all of whom have loved it. It's a charming story written in a very kid-friendly style that still puts across an important message about self-confidence and appreciating the differences in people. The illustrations are quirky and fun.

I highly recommend it.


Mags Carter

I got this book for my grandchildren who had some issues with bullying in school.

I was unable to find a book suitable to help and a friend gave me this book as she had a copy of it to help a similar situation.

It really helped!

The book's message is all about being happy with who you are and why it's ok to be different. The 'tooth fairy' shows the little girl what to do when children are 'not nice'.

I loved this book very much and would highly recommend it to any one!

This book should be in every school.


Susan Perry

This is a beautifully written and illustrated book for children of all ages. I gave this book to my three and a half year old niece and she adored it! She loved hearing all about Scarlet and her "funny" name, how to deal with people that might tease you and generally where the tooth fairy gets her money!! Would highly recommend.



Julie Lambert

I was delighted to find this book Scarlet Underpants. It is a lovely wee book for children from the age of 4 years. I got it for my grandchildren and we really enjoyed reading it together. It is well illustrated as well as being fun for them to read.

This is a great book to help children that have been bullied.

I really enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it.


E McEvoy

This is a beautifully written and illustrated children's book. I bought the first two in the series for my granddaughter, and after reading it (myself) I now have to buy more for my god-daughter.

It is well written and touches on dealing with bullying with some clever strategies for young kids to deal with their feelings.

I will be recommending it to all my family as a great Christmas gift.


Dawn Watson

My girls and I loved this book....perfect early reading for my youngest who is 7 years....great subtle storyline exploring friendships......looking forward to reading more from the author...we loved the gorgeous illustrations too.


C.J. Clark

Beautifully illustrated book. I love the polka dots on the pages, giving it an extra dimension.

The story was loved by all my Grandchildren, I think they wished they had a tree house like Scarlet Underpants.

The story ends on such a positive note for Scarlet and for all children who can identify with her predicament.

Alison Davidson

Bought this book for my daughter after a story reading session at our Rainbows group. Beautifully illustrated and a lovely story. I was totally surprised when my daughter picked it up and has started to read it on her own, which is a first! Impressed!