Bring Your Book To Life

Bring Your Book To Life, online book writing course.

This is the fastest way to get from where you are now – to having your book written, published and making money with it! 

Everything you need to know about getting clear on your message, moving through writers blockorganizing your content, writing quickly and effortlessly, the right way to publish for you, how to build your fan base and how to make money with your book!

If you are truly serious about fast-tracking your path to success as a published author, you need to work through this course!

It’s for anyone who is ready to stop dreaming and start writing their book.

Q – Do you keep thinking about writing a book?

Q– Have you been writing that book for the last 3, 5, 10 years?

Q – Do you think you might just have something to say?

Q – Would you just love to see your book in print?

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They say we all have a book in us, but just wishing and dreaming won’t make it happen. Don’t worry, we’ve been there too and know that if you want to see your book come to life you need to take some positive action… But it needs to be the right action!

By letting Ali Campbell and Cat Muir guide you through this complicated process, it’s just like having your personal ‘map’ to get quickly and exactly to where you need to go!

How much would you love to see YOUR BOOK, with YOUR NAME on it, in print?

How good would it be, to finish your book and bring your idea to life forever and hold it right there, in your hands?

Would you like to enhance your career and elevate your profile by adding the gravitas of writing your book?

Think how good it would feel to inspire your family and friends by your example of success!

Whether you have no idea what kind of book you could write, or a book that you have started, or even a book that you have finished but don’t know the next step – let us help you with that and then teach you the best ways to go about getting published and making money!

On this online course you will learn :

  • How to write a fiction, non-fiction or children’s book.
  • How to pick your subject.
  • How to easily create compelling chapters.
  • How to research your topic properly.
  • The process of writing and being in your flow.
  • How to write a book, even if you think you can’t write!
  • How to create your fan base.
  • How to promote your book and make money with it and from it.

This online course will help anyone who has ever wanted to write a book, get published and make money from it.

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It’s set out in four easy to use modules.

Module one :

  • How to create your fan base and target audience – This helps you create your marketing plan for your book proposal and your intended book sales, for when the time is right!
  • What are you going to write about? This helps you get clear on your message.

Module two :

  • How to write your book – quickly and easily, even if you are not great at English or spelling.
  • How to write a fiction, non-fiction or children’s book.
  • How to pick your subject.
  • How to easily create compelling chapters.
  • How to organise your content
  • How to research your topic properly.
  • The process of writing and being in your flow.
  • How to move quickly past writer’s block.

In module three – learn :

  • How to turn your manuscript into a book!
  • All your publishing options made clear and easy for you to decide how you want to publish your book.
  • Your elevator speech – all authors need one.
  • How to make an advanced information sheet.

In module four – learn :

  • How to make money from your book!
  • The most common mistakes authors make when selling their books.
  • How to get paid before your book is even published.

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Catherine Muir is a successful author, publisher, presenter, celebrity hair and makeup artist and life trainer. Cat presently spends time (when not working in Film and Television), promoting her best selling children’s book, “Scarlet Underpants Meets The Tooth Fairy”, and coaching people to write their own books using the experience she has gained in her own literary career.

Ali Campbell is a celebrity Life ‘Fixer’, Presenter and Bestselling Author. In the UK you’re probably already familiar with Ali Campbell – Now widely accepted in the media as one of the country’s leading Life-Fixers and self-help authors. Last year Ali featured prominently in the Hay House world summit of the top 100 internationally acclaimed self-help authors presenting to an audience of over 1 million people around the world. In 2008 Ali founded ‘The Slim Girls Box of Secrets’ a unique way to blend weight loss with health, happiness and style. He followed that in 2010 with Just Get On With It for Hay House which outsold the Dali Lama and has just been republished due to its continuing success and popularity.

We really look forward to working with you and bringing YOUR words to life.

With love…